EV Charging Stations

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The City's Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations accommodate the charging requirements of new EV models (Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Tesla, etc) at Level 2 capacity (7.2 kW/220V).


The stations are located in the parking lots behind City Hall, 595 Harbor, and next to the Chamber of Commerce, 695 Harbor. Both are within walking distance of shops, restaurants and other visitor services.

Availability & Rates

They are available 24/7 at a nominal per hour fee plus a per transaction fee to cover the City’s cost of electricity. Payment is made through the MobileNOW! Parking app on smartphones with data plans.


If you have difficulty with using one of the chargers, please review the following troubleshooting guide:

Normal Operation

  1. Turn off your car and plug it in. Please note a green blinking Charging light will appear, but this does not mean your car is charging. You will still need to pay for your charging time and enter the approval code on the keypad.
  2. Enter or scan the location code posted next to the charger into the MobileNOW! App on your smartphone (first-time users will have to install the app and set up an account).
  3. Choose the length of charge time desired. An 8 digit code will be generated by the app.
  4. Punch the 8-digit code and # sign into the charger keypad. An audible tone should be heard after each number, a solid green light should appear above the keypad, and the oval blinking light with the word “Charging” next to it should glow a steady green.
  5. The app will remind you when charging is complete. Please unplug and move your car when finished.

Addressing Problems

If a problem is encountered:
  • If you are having problems with payment or the MobilNOW! smartphone app, please call MobileNOW! toll-free at 866-951-7275.
  • If you were successful in making payment, have received and entered the activation code and are still unable to charge, please review the following troubleshooting suggestions.
  • If these troubleshooting tips do not resolve your issue, call 805-772-6285 and leave a message. We will try to resolve the problem so that it does not happen again.

Problem: The green Charging light is blinking but the EV is not charging.

Possible Reason  Solution 
 There is a technical problem with the car: Timer settings.  If you have any charger timer settings activated on the vehicle, reset the timer settings to allow charging.
 There is a technical problem with the car: Car is running  Car will not charge unless the motor is off. Turn the motor off.

Problem: The green Charging light is not on when the EV is connected.

 Possible Reason Solution 
 The EV is not connected properly.  Remove and try again.
 There is a technical problem with the charger.  If red Protection light is on, the charger needs service or repair.

Problem: There are sounds and flashing LEDs when numbers on the keypad are pressed, but the green light does not go on continuously.

 Possible Reason Solution 
 You may have forgotten to push the # sign after your 8-digit code.  Re-enter the 8-digit code and # sign.
 The charger is defective.  Charger requires service or repair.

Problem: There is a flashing red LED and a “raspberry” sound when the code is entered.

 Possible Reason Solution 
 You may have entered a wrong code.  Check the code and re-enter it.