Reserve Firefighter Program


A Morro Bay Reserve Firefighter is an auxiliary position utilized to augment full-time staffing. Our Reserve Firefighter Program consists of up to 15 trained and committed firefighters. These part-time firefighters primarily respond to emergency call-backs to assist with simultaneous incidents or large incidents requiring additional resources.

Occasionally, Reserve Firefighters will work 24-hour shifts to augment daily career firefighter staffing or to staff an engine responding to a mutual aid incident outside of our jurisdiction.
Reserve Firefighter Program.png
Serving the Community
Reserve Firefighters are critical to the department’s success in delivering quality and timely emergency services in Morro Bay. Citizens have been serving the community in this important and challenging position since 1932. While serving the community, a Morro Bay Reserve Firefighter gains valuable hands-on experience and in depth training.

Some people participate purely as a public service to the community. However, due to the training and experience acquired, many motivated individuals move on to successful careers in the fire service.