Weather & Boating Information

Harbor Safety
Morro Bay Harbor is easily identified by the 581-foot high dome of Morro Rock that sits just north of the harbor entrance. While the waters of Morro Bay and the surrounding ocean areas of Estero Bay and beyond are beautiful and bountiful, they can also be unforgiving and deadly. Preparation, planning, and proper equipment are keys to safely enjoying the area.

Safety Tips
Before starting a trip, always check weather forecasts and sea conditions. Detailed information can be obtained by checking online, tuning into NOAA weather radio broadcasts, and reading about it in the local newspapers.
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The harbor entrance, one of the roughest on the West Coast, has a Hazardous Bar Warning posted up to 40 days a year because of high swells and poor conditions. The Coast Guard is responsible for posting the hazardous bar warning. Boaters, regardless of experience, should exercise extreme caution and should check with the Harbor Patrol or Coast Guard before leaving the harbor.

Boating Safety
All boats should be properly equipped for a voyage at sea. This means not only the legally required minimum safety gear, but other prudent gear as well. In all cases, boat operators are reminded that they are responsible for the safe operation and navigation of their own vessels.