City Harbor/Boating Facilities


The Morro Bay Harbor Department manages 50 city slips and approximately 125 moorings within the Morro Bay Harbor. The Morro Bay Municipal Code, Section 15.04.150, designates City slips for Commercial Fishing Vessels. Qualifying as a Commercial Fishing Vessel is defined by Resolution #23-91 and under the Municipal Code Section 15.04.150. There is a waiting list to obtain a permanent commercial slip and vessels must pre-qualify and pay a deposit to get on the commercial slip waiting list.
Neil Donaldson Morro Bay Boats


Of the 125 moorings within the City of Morro Bay, approximately 50 are privately owned. A privately owned mooring means that an individual owns the gear and tackle for the mooring and leases the space from the City. All moorings are leased on a month-to-month basis with 30 days written notice of cancellation. An individual may sell their mooring gear and tackle to another individual, however, they may not transfer the mooring rental agreement. Any transfer of a City mooring rental agreement must be approved by the Harbor Department in writing. All moorings must be inspected biennial.

City T-Piers

The City T-Piers provide dockage on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no liveaboards permitted at the City Piers. The City T-Piers are not meant for permanent dockage.

Launch Ramp

The Launch Ramp is located at the southern end of the Embarcadero. There is no fee for boat launching however, there IS a fee for parking your vessel and trailer. The parking station takes cash and credit cards. Follow directions on the screen and remember to place your permit on your windshield before heading out of the harbor. Please ensure you have the necessary safety equipment and check local weather information before launching your vessel. Always carry a working VHF radio or cell phone. A single lane coin-operated boat rinse down station is located at the north end of the Launch Ramp parking area. Only fresh water rinses are allowed. Please do not use detergents or soaps.


Chapter 15.40 (PDF) of the Morro Bay Municipal Code, Vessel Habitation, regulates liveaboards within the City limits. A maximum number of 50 liveaboard permits are allowed. The vessel must be currently registered or documented, the liveaboard must be the registered or documented owner of the vessel, and the vessel must have a permanent docking location in Morro Bay to apply for a permit.