Planning Division

Effective January 3, 2023, public counter hours for the Community Development Department are 8am - 4pm Mondays through Thursdays.
New!  The City of Morro Bay has developed an Electronic Plan Review (EPR) program designed to streamline the plan submittal process, reduce paper waste, reduce expense, and reduce the inconvenience of printing and shipping multiple copies of construction plans.
Electronic Plan Review will allow concurrent review by Morro Bay staff which will reduce plan review times and will create a consolidated corrections list that can be used to track and respond to comments.
To submit your application via the Permit Portal, click here.


Our goal is to provide the community with direction and guidance to achieve the goals and objectives set forth in the General Plan and Local Coastal Plan.


Our objective is to create and facilitate an effective partnership with the residents and businesses in the community by providing an open and transparent planning process with an emphasis on citizen involvement and participation that results in a fair, objective, predictable, and accountable planning process.

Guiding Principle

A guiding principle is that all new and remodeled development fit into the small-town scale of the community while preserving and strengthening the unique small coastal town image and character of Morro Bay. A continuing emphasis will be to promote and encourage sustainable development practices involving all aspects of green building techniques and materials, low-impact development, and energy-efficient development.

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