Support Services Division

Composition of the Department and Personnel
The Support Services Division (SSD) is comprised of:
  • Business and Support Operations
  • Public Safety Communications
  • Police Finances
  • Police Records
  • Property and Evidence
SSD personnel consists of:
  • Support Services Coordinator
  • Support Services Technician - 1 full-time and 1 part-time
  • Evidence Clerk - part-time
  • Volunteers
Communications Bureau
The Public Safety Communications Bureau is through a regionalized dispatch center at San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office. Public Safety Dispatchers enter calls for emergency services into a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and dispatch a multitude of agencies in virtually all local emergencies via voice radio and mobile computers in emergency vehicles. 
Property & Evidence
The Property and Evidence Unit processes over 1,800 incoming items of evidence each year and currently there are over 4,000 items in evidence. A part-time property and evidence technician is responsible for entering property and evidence into a computer system, storage, release and purging. The department utilizes a bar-coding management system that is part of the CAD/RMS computer system for property management. All evidence and property is properly packaged by officers and a bar code automatically printed by the PsNet system is affixed to the package.

Records and Technology
The SSC is charged with automating processes throughout the Department. Laserfiche Document Imaging is utilized in the Records Section to scan police reports and records into an electronic database. A automated records management system allows officers to input reports directly into the computer system where they are approved by supervisors and electronically sent to Records for printing and processing. The SSC also maintains all the historical documents and photographs dating back to the formation of the Department in 1965.