Operations Division


The Operations Division consists of several bureaus, including:

Patrol Operations

Patrol Operations consists of the uniformed patrol officers that handle the field calls for service. Patrol works on a 3/12 work shift, which allows the Department to maximize patrol staffing on any given shift. Each patrol shift is supervised by a sergeant who acts as the Watch Commander.

The Watch Commander has the operational control of all personnel assigned during their shift. For more information about Patrol Operations, call 805-772-6223.

Police Volunteers

The Morro Bay Police Volunteer organization is a nonprofit group of citizens under the supervision of a Sergeant. They are indispensable to the operation of our Police Department. These non-sworn, trained citizens patrol our streets and assist our patrol officers in matters involving parking and vehicle impounds.

They are an emergency resource at the scene of traffic collisions and crimes. They also assist with security and crowd / traffic control during special events in the city, such as Harbor Festival, Margarita Festival, Car Show, and many others. Contact 805-772-6237 for information on becoming a member.

Police Explorer Program

Our Police Explorer Post continues to be a great link to the youth of our community. Many of our explorers have entered careers in law enforcement. In previous years our Explorer Post has distinguished itself in winning several regional and national awards and recognition.

Police Reserve Program

The department currently employs one Reserve Police Officer to assist with traffic enforcement, patrol operations, and investigations.