Water & Sewer Services

The City of Morro Bay provides water and sanitary sewer utility services to residents and other customers. Utility bills are mailed out monthly, with several payment options available.

COVID-19 Support for Our Customers

As part of our commitment to helping residents and businesses impacted by the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the City's Utilities Division will not shut off water service for non- payment during this time.

We understand that many of our customers are facing severe economic challenges because of this crisis. In consideration of this, we are offering flexible payment plans to support you during these difficult times. Please call our Utility Billing Clerk at (805) 772-6222 to inquire about this.

Discontinuation of Residential Water Service for Non-Payment Policy Pursuant to Senate Bill 998

In September 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill (SB) 998 entitled “Discontinuation of Residential Water Service: Urban and Community Water Systems” SB went into effect on February 1, 2020.

The purpose of SB 998 is to provide additional procedural protections for delinquent water customers before discontinuing water service. SB 998 requires water service providers to adopt a detailed written policy concerning residential service shutoff for nonpayment and make the policy available on its website. It prohibits disconnection for nonpayment of any residential customer who has been delinquent for less than 60 days. It requires the provider give notice in writing or by telephone at least seven business days before disconnection and include an offer to discuss alternative payment methods or deferred payments and information about available appeals and extensions.

The legislation prohibits disconnection of customers that meet all of the following parameters: (1) the customer provides certification from a primary care provider that disconnection would pose a health and safety threat; (2) the customer demonstrates that they are financially unable to pay; and (3) the customer is willing to enter into an alternative payment arrangement. If all these conditions are met, the provider may only disconnect service if the customer fails to comply with the alternative payment arrangement for over 60 days.

The City Council of Morro Bay approved Resolution No. 05-20 Discontinuation of Residential Water Service for Non-Payment in January 2020.

A timeline of key dates resulting from this policy are below for reference:

Day 0--Issuance Date (date of bill)
Day 31--Delinquency Date
Day 45--First Delinquency Notice mailed (approximately)
Day 60--Appeal deadline
Day 77--Second Delinquency and impending discontinuation of service; also, master-meter service termination notice
Day 90--Final Notice of Termination; also, final date for City's response to an appeal
Day 91--Reasonable attempt to contact by phone
Day 92--Water Shutoff Date (or next regular business day)

​New Rates Effective 7/1/19