Billing Schedule & Information


Water billing for residential and commercial locations in the City of Morro Bay is provided by the City’s Water Services Division. Water bills consist of both water and sewer charges and are billed on the first week of each month.

Your water and sewer rates are based upon your water consumption. We measure the consumption by 100 cubic feet of water. In this case, 100 cubic feet equals 748 gallons equals 1 unit. There is a minimum charge for water which is $32. Additional units used are charged based on our rate schedule.

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Billing Calendar

  • Bills are prepared and mailed during the 1st week of the month, due upon receipt, and late if not received by the last day of the month
  • 10% penalty is assessed on the 1st of the month for any billed amounts from the prior month remaining unpaid.
  • If the prior month's payment has not been received within 45 days, a notice will be mailed out on the 10th of the month, notifying you of the date your past due amount must be paid to avoid a discontinuance notice, which will cost you a $35 tag fee.
  • If your past due amount has not been received, the discontinuance notice will be hand delivered and posted at your service address the 3rd week of the month. If you get a discontinuance notice, a $35 penalty will be assessed to your account, and your past due amount plus the $35 must be paid within 3 business days of the posting to avoid service discontinuance.
  • If your service is shut off for non-pay, you must pay the past due amount, $35 and a $85.00 reconection fee, and may be subject to a $100 deposit.

New Water/Sewer Customer-Garbage Service Requirements

  • The voters of the City of Morro Bay amended the Municipal Code adding Section 8.16.170 that requires all residents within the city limits to maintain refuse collection service for health and safety purposes.
  • The Municipal Code also requires the Water Department to notify Morro Bay Garbage Service whenever a person applies for water service.
  • Billing information is forwarded to them on a regular basis to ensure that all citizens are in compliance. To ensure timely start up of your garbage, recycling and green waste collection services, you must contact Morro Bay Garbage Service to set up the type of service you will need.
  • For information on the various levels of service and to set up your account, contact Morro Bay Garbage Service at 805-543-0875. Their offices are located at 2925 McMillan St #202, San Luis Obispo, California. Garbage payments can be made at 2280 Sunset Dr, Unit EE, Los Osos, CA.
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Utility Providers

Other Utilities
Telephone Number
Where to Pay
Gas Company
800-427-2200 Perry's Parcel
895 Quintana Road
Morro Bay Garbage Company
805-543-0875 Perry's Parcel
785 Quintana Road
AT&T 800-310-2355 Perry's Parcel
785 Quintana Road
Pacific Gas & Electric
800-743-5000 Perry's Parcel
785 Quintana Road
Charter Communications
800-783-4940 Bridge Street
San Luis Obispo
City of Morro Bay Water and Sewer
805-772-6222 City Hall
595 Harbor Street