For any information on training in the Morro Bay Police Department, contact us at 805-772-6225.

Training Policy

It is the policy of the Morro Bay Police Department to administer a training program that will provide for the professional growth and continued development of its personnel. By doing so, the department will ensure its personnel possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a professional level of service that meets the needs of the community. Several police employees, from the Chief of Police to new officers, serve as training staff in a variety of ways.

Field Training Officer
Every person hired as a police officer is required to attend a 6-month basic police academy. Once the police recruit graduates from the academy, he/she is assigned to a Field Training Officer (FTO) and undergoes a 16-week field training program. The FTO provides the new officer with instruction and guidance throughout several phases of training in areas of patrol procedures, community policing, traffic, laws, tactics, etc.

To ensure each new officer is learning and retaining the necessary information, they receive daily reviews and mid- and end-of-phase evaluations, as well as a final evaluation and recommendation.